Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant Recommends Italian Dishes Everyone Should Try

Okatie, SC - Bluffton-based Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant shares the most authentic Italian cuisine everyone should try.

The Italian Restaurant Near Me has been offering a menu passed down from generation to generation. Peppe Gialone, Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant’s Chef and owner, says their recipe originally came from his grandmother. After that, the recipe was passed down through generations, each adding a unique technique and variation. Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant to South Carolina, which originated in a small town in Pozzuoli, located on the southern coast of Italy.

Nonna Rosa, he wants to share the beautiful memories of his family, who have a shared love for food and cooking. One should not miss from Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant’s menu is their veal dishes. They have Veal Picatta - fresh veal pounded thin, sautéed with capers and artichokes in a lemon sauce. For those who prefer a richer flavor, We highly recommend our Veal Saltimbocca - fresh veal loin pounded thin, sautéed in a white wine browned butter sauce, and topped with prosciutto, spinach, and mozzarella.

The Italian Chef also recommends classic pasta dishes. They have Pappardelle Bolognese on the menu. This is an original Italian recipe for meat lovers, a slow-cooked sauce over pappardelle pasta. Another excellent option from the popular Italian restaurant is the Spaghetti Vongole made of Mediterranean littleneck clams sautéed with fresh garlic and cherry tomatoes in a delicious white wine sauce.

The Calamari Nonna Rosa—calamari sauteed with capers, garlic, and kalamata olives in a spicy red sauce—is also a must-try when visiting the Bluffton, SC Italian Restaurant. Those who love Italian food should not miss their dessert, either. Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant has its own homemade version of Tiramisu, made with Italian mascarpone cheese, imported ladyfingers, and espresso. They also have profiteroles, a pastry ball with whipped cream. Additionally, they have limoncello cake, a lemon layer cake with mascarpone cheese filling for a bit of zest.

No matter what dish diners try, there is a perfect wine to complement it; Nonna Rosa has a selection of wines from different regions in Italy, such as Tuscany, Lombardy, Sicily, and Veneto, to serve. To try these dishes and check the wine selection of Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant, customers may visit their website at

Customers may reserve a table at the Okatie SC Italian Restaurant by calling (843) 707-1750 or emailing Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant is located at 198 Okatie Village Drive, Suite 105, Okatie, SC 29909.



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